It’s just you and your trainer.

This service gives you the most individual attention from the MU trainer of your choice. Have a favourite? Let us know in the contact form at the bottom of the page, otherwise we'll use the information you provide to pair you up with the best fit. After all, the trainer you get along with best often will be the key to your consistency, effort, and therefore, results.

Your trainer will first sit down with you for your free consultation and discuss your “why”, your goals, your timeline and how they can help you. They will then take you through a full-scale assessment of your movement abilities, looking at the 9 common movements (Squat, Hinge, Push (Vertical & Horizontal), Pull (Vertical & Horizontal), Carry, & Core (Rotation & Anti-Rotation)). Following this assessment, a custom, individualized training plan that works with your strengths, limitations, and needs, leading you down the path towards your goals will be made just for you. You will follow this plan with your coach throughout your training sessions with the added benefit of increased adaptability of the program due to the one on one attention you are receiving.

Our semi-private personal training options are just like the 1 on 1 training just with a few more friends.

Nothing changes here. Everyone will get a free assessment at the start, a customized individual program built to work towards each client’s goals, improve their weaknesses and help them move more efficiently. The caveat is you are now training with a few more people spreading out the attention of your trainer. This option is perfect for those with some experience with resistance training, therefore, needing less guidance than someone just beginning their fitness journey. Of course, the benefits are you have a small group of like-minded friends that are there to share in the training experience with you. That means you have your own small community to help you stay accountable, share ideas and experiences with, and congratulate each other as you reach your goals.

Semi-private training can consist of 2 to 4 members and 1 trainer. Have a group of friends ready to sweat together? Awesome! Leave their names and emails along with yours in the contact form at the bottom of the page. Riding solo? No problem, let us know and we'll match you up with a group!

MU's proprietary LIFT program was designed in house by our resident fitness guru Cory Horsburgh. LIFT is the same as semi-private PT but with one small exception. The innovative program built for you is only semi-customized. What this means is, LIFT does not consider specific goals (ex. Training for a marathon, building bigger biceps or booty, improving anaerobic capacity, etc.). Instead, we have designed it to be a full body resistance training program built to improve all the 9 categories of movement previously mentioned. You will still receive an assessment and a program build for you and your movement capabilities; however, it will focus on improving your strength and mobility in all 9 categories of movement. All the benefits of semi-private PT; a community working on getting stronger and more resilient, accountability and support of friends and your trainer, with a semi-customized program built for your current abilities, re-evaluated every few weeks to keep you progressing.

LIFT is conducted in groups of 3 or 4. If you have friends that you want to form a group with let us know in the contact form at the bottom of this page, if you're solo, no worries, we'll match you up with like-minded individuals to complete the group.

Cory grew up as a multi-sport athlete competing in soccer, cross country, badminton, baseball, wrestling, & football. In university he studied Kinesiology and focused his sporting career exclusively to wrestling. Throughout his university career Cory earned his Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology Certified Personal Trainer certification and had plenty of hands on experience both through his own training and training clients at the YMCA.

Since then, he has continued to gain other certifications and continuing education by traveling to courses taught by some of the most respected coaches in the business; notably Train to Win – by Loren Landow, Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Denver Broncos. Sturdy Shoulders – by Eric Cressey, Strength & Conditioning Coach of the New York Yankees. Certified Functional Strength Coaching – by Mike Boyle of the National Sports Performance Association, as well as courses by Dean Somerset, Tony Gentlecore, & various others.

Cory is a fitness savant but when he's not learning something new you can find him cutting up a dance floor or sitting by a campfire. Among his favourite movies you'll find classics like Footloose, Dirty Dancing and of course Road House. He takes his coffee with cream, or a flat white, and he firmly believes that any pair of shorts worth wearing are short enough to show off your entire thigh. He says its for mobility, we think its because he's the Quadfather.

Alex was a born competitor, he grew up playing high-level football and earned many personal awards on his way to being a key cog on numerous championship teams at both DB and WR. His hands are almost as sticky as Mike's.

When he wasn't dominating on the field Alex was a kinesiology major at the University of Alberta and the University of Lethbridge. He took his certification for personal training with NSCA (National Strength & Conditioning Association) and has also completed several coaching disciplines through NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program).

Alex lives a life of fitness, what keeps him driven is the community of fellow peers and clients alike and a healthy competition with anyone who steps foot in the gym with him, but mainly Cory. He is intrinsically motivated to compete and better himself as a coach so that he can help others achieve their fitness goals.

Beyond the walls of the studio Alex mixes a delicious cocktail, post workout of course, and is a diehard New Orleans Saints fan. The last book he read was “Michael Jordan The Life” by George Lazenby but sadly he still plays like Captain Conrad Howard from Bad Boys (one of his favourite movies no less).

Janine has a dedication to fitness rarely seen. She is a life long fitness enthusiast with an array of skills which is evident from the fact that she is one of our most versatile instructors featuring prominently in our Row, HIIT, Spin and Yoga programs. Her and her brother Joel were among the original members of MU when we first opened in 2016.

She is ACSM CPT certified with several years of training experience. She has over 3,000 hours of Yoga training to go along with thousands more hours of practice and is a registered yoga instructor under the Yoga Alliance since 2018. As if that's not enough she is also certified by the FAI, or Functional Aging Institute, having completed this in 2019 to work specifically with those that are 60 years and older.

Janine has competed as a NPAA & INBF competitor, placing in the top 10 so you know she practices what she preaches. Janine’s ideal clients are those focusing on weight loss, gaining strength and muscle, and striving to not only look better naked but to feel better and more confident in their body.

When she's away from the studio, which isn't often, Janine is a dedicated dog mom to a furry rascal named Bear (you may have seen him around MU, if you haven't, you will). She has a penchant for fine wine or a classy mimosa at brunch but she's also no stranger to sweatpants around a campfire. Janine is mild mannered for the most part but when she gets on that instructors podium look out! She will push you past limits you didn't know you could exceed.

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