To ensure everyone has a fair shot at the full Movement U experience, we ask that you arrive early (15-20 minutes before) class. Given our reduced class sizes resulting from the restrictions placed upon us due to Covid-19 we have expanded our cancellation windows so that members on the waitlist may have ample notice that they have made it in to a class and can plan to attend. There is no cancellation penalty if you cancel outside 8 hours (or more) for PM classes and 12 hours (or more) for AM classes. Cancellations within the late cancel windows will be charged for that class, or a $15 cancellation fee if you hold a membership. All cancellations must be made through your online account, and CANNOT be made over the phone or through email. You must be signed into your class 10 minutes before it begins. If you are not present, and signed in, you may lose your spot to a wait-listed client.


Early cancellation of the 12 month/billing cycles Auto-Renew contract requires written notice to Movement U management and is subject to a $200 cancellation fee. At the end of the 12 billing cycles your membership will auto-renew for another 12 billing cycles unless you choose to terminate the contract via written notice to If at any time you suspend or request your account be put on hold for any reason, subject to Movement U management approval, please know the duration of hold or suspension will not accumulate. Upon reactivation your monthly counter will resume. Membership suspension may be subject to a $20 per month fee.

If at any time MU is not open to the public (such as but not limited to a Covid related closure) your contract will be considered suspended and the duration of the closure will not count towards your contract term, your contract term will automatically be extended by an amount of time equal to the closure. The auto-renew contract is thus for 12 billing cycles not necessarily 12 consecutive calendar months.